Guest Post: How Much Do You Really Love Yourself?


I speak and write about vulnerability. This is not the most popular topic these days when it “seems” easier to be guarded, defensive, and protected. In reality, it takes a whole lot more effort to be something you are actually not. It also takes time to just be who you actually are. Vulnerability is ultimately liberation. It is liberation to be yourself. Freedom to make mistakes as you figure things out. Freedom to love yourself radically. Freedom to be who you always have been that got buried underneath years of hurt, pain, fear, and limiting beliefs.

It is time to remember. Remember what you have always been. Remember that you were created with everything you need to live life. Remember that place, that still place inside that gives you life. Remember because sometimes we forget, not on purpose. Remember that you are light. Remember that you are a manifestation of God. Remember that you are life. You are energy. You are alive. remember. When everything tries to make you forget, remember. Forgetting does not change what you are. What you are has always been there. Remember that you are pure truth. Remember that you have power. Remember that you are this moment.

Whenever you think living life more open and honest just can’t be done, simply remember and let all of that love rush over you. Then take the next step, and the next knowing you are supported fully.

Kandice Cole is a speaker, writer and vulnerability seeker. She writes regularly at

She is on a mission to help woman tell their stories without apology so they can live a life fully aligned with their values.

She is currently writing a book about embracing vulnerability in real life entitled, Vulnerability is Sexy.

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