Web Roundup

Here are some great links I’ve pulled from around the web. Just click the highlighted blue underlined text!

1. “Instead of Wincing 10 Things To Look For In That Video of Your Speech” Public speaking is something that we either love or hate. Despite the fact that my job is public speaking – outside of work I really don’t enjoy it. I’m highly critical of myself. This link provides a checklist for what to look for if you have the opportunity to watch (or listen to) a recording of yourself speaking.

2. 30 Ways To Make Money From Home Looking for a way to earn some extra cash? This website provides some pretty useful and very specific recommendations. Some are online, others are offline but they are all very good.

3. What’s Your 10 Point Manifesto According to my dictionary – a manifesto is a public declaration of intentions. Gretchen who wrote the insanely popular Happiness Project posted Google’s Manifesto in hopes that it would inspire you to write your own. Here are just two of the items on Google’s List:
Focus on the user and all else will follow.
It’s best to do one thing really, really well.

4. Jay Z Wants To Help Kids Get To College Jay-Z is helping kids go to college. If you know any seniors who are eligible share this with them. The application deadline is May 15! To qualify, applicants must “be a high school senior, college student, and/or between the ages of 18-25, pursuing studies at a vocational or trade school. All applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.5, be a US Citizen and complete the on-line application no later than the published deadline date, which is May 15, 2012.”

5. Fair Doesn’t Mean Equal (Perfect For Parents!) Would you entertain the idea that you should not treat your children equally but equitably? As a teacher in training – the concept of equality vs. equity used to keep me up at night. All I kept thinking was that it WASN’T fair… Until I got a classroom of my own. Then I realized that all 140 of my little darlings were all very different. They needed to be motivated differently, they had varying ways of expressing themselves and their relationship with me was different. Some were very clingy and others were fiercely independent. But when they walk into my room they all have the same goal. The way we get to that goal is different. If you’re a parent of multiple children this is a must read…

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