Week In The Life – Day 1 of 7

One of my favorite professional scrapbookers, Ali Edwards is hosting her A Week in the Life Project this week April 23rd – April 29th. You can find out more information about the project here: http://aliedwards.com/2012/03/week-in-the-life-2012-april-23-29.html

Here are some of my favorite images/thoughts from the day:

I tasted a bowl of Frosted Flakes, 2% milk and “Donut Shop” coffee out of my Keurig with french vanilla cream & sugar.

I heard a counselor/coworker say, “sometimes the road less traveled has not been traveled for a reason.”

I saw a brown mother struggle with her baby girl who was afraid of the escalator at Midway Airport.

I felt the gratitude of the student who bought me two Caramel Frappachinos for giving her supplies to use for a project last week.

It was extraordinary that there wasn’t ANY traffic on the Dan Ryan on the way to work this morning.

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