Get Up Early…

The most stressful week for me at work is when grades are due. This happens for me four times a year. I was ready to finish the last stack of grades. Had even informed my students that I would have individual grade printouts the following day and then…

I turned on my Mac and it started making strange beeping sounds at five second intervals. Black screen. Repeat. Nothing.

I burst into tears because this wouldn’t be the first time that something happened to my computer during the week that grades were due. Although very true – lightning is not supposed to strike the same place twice right?

I called my husband in tears. My Mac would have to go to the genius bar, but in the meantime I had to figure out another plan.

I finished up as much of the grading as possible – without entering in the grades on the computer. Frustrated after a few hours, I went to bed.

But then at 4:00 in the morning I woke up. I never wake up early. I usually need every minute and dread my alarm going off in the morning. I’m kind of a night owl too. I’ll stay up until midnight or 1 o’clock in the morning. But that night was different.

By waking up early I not only finished the final stack of about 200 papers I had to grade, I also had time to make a nice breakfast for my family. Pancakes, turkey bacon – the works. And then I realized sometimes we have to do something out of the ordinary to get things done. That may mean not sleeping a full 24 hours. It may mean waking up early. Sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to get the job done!

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