Mini Books

One of my creative goals for 2012 was to make more mini books. Mini Books are ca-yute because they are portable, easy to leave around the house – on the coffee table or in baskets on side tables and they make wonderful gifts. Most of the mini books can be put together in one setting which is just phenomenal!

I’m planning several trips this summer and I’m planning to do something I’ve never done… scrapbook on the go. I picked up two of Amy Tangerine’s Daybooks (both retailed for under $10.00!!!)

My favorite elements of the daybook are the Map Pages – especially the domestic US Map pages which will be great for the state-to-state travel this summer.

Amy Tangerine made a guest post this past week on Ali Edward’s site about making Mini Books in this case she documented Spring Break: .

Amy Tangerine has an amazing blog and here is a link to her features on mini books:

Here are some of the mini books I’ve made this year:

The mini book above is a brag book for my purse. It includes photos of all my favorite projects.

The album above is a mini book dedicated to my hubby & I. It is an acrylic album that features 10 of my all time favorite photos of us along with journaling about how we met, favorite memories, etc.

This project is an autobiographical project. I had a bunch of self-portraits laying around & decided to write an acrostic poem using my name. I came up with five words for each letter of my name and used that for the journaling:

This is one of those books that I’ll be happy I left behind when I’m no longer here… 😉

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