My Word for 2012


A few years ago, my favorite scrapbooker Ali Edwards launched a new initiative called One Little Word At the beginning of the year you choose a word that will serve as your theme or goal for the entire year. My One Little Word for 2012 is execute.

There are three definitions of execute: 

1. put to death, kill; hang, behead, guillotine, electrocute, send to the (electric) chair, shoot, put before a firing squad;

2. carry out, accomplish, bring off/about, achieve, complete, engineer, conduct; informal pull off; formal effectuate

3. perform, present, render; stage.

I chose execute because there are a lot of bad habits that I need to put to death. I am the queen of reinvention, but sometimes I don’t give something enough time to work before I move on to the next thing. This is especially true for systems… I’m always reading the new productivity book, trying out the new time management tip, reordering and reorganizing my desk without ever really giving myself enough time to figure out whether or not something can or will work…

I’ve also decided to approach most situations by beginning with the end in mind. If expectations, goals and end results aren’t clear, then the path or the direction is not clear. And then, you become a drifter. Someone who is easily moved by outside forces. So far I have been very intentional about how I’d like to spend my time and what I’d like to accomplish in a given hour, a weekend, for the month, for each paycheck.

Finally, I want to perform. I want to leave a positive impression everywhere I go. I want to be remembered for having integrity, for being compassionate, and for inspiring creativity. In order to remind myself of my word, I have included it as a password and the simple act of typing the words “execute” makes me think of my plan. When I start a new project, I picture the “execution” of the project which motivates and inspires me to keep moving. So as you think about 2012, what is your word? It doesn’t have to be a verb, it can be a noun or an adjective. How are you progressing toward your goals or New Year’s Resolutions? We’re entering into the 3rd month of this year already!

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