How did you decide on your current career? For many, perhaps it was a subject in High School or college that we earned an “A” in or that mildly interested us. For others it was a friend, a teacher or a family member that said, “You know, you’d be GREAT at [fill in the blank].”

We went to college and earned the right to work in our fields. We survived the training and the institutes to be considered qualified. Fast forward a few (or for some many) years and we start feeling unfulfilled. Some of us complain about our coworkers. Some complain about the bureaucracy and others complain about the routine or the predictability. We may have reached that proverbial glass ceiling and find ourselves with a crook in our necks from looking up so much or we may have one toe on the greener grass just right next door. No matter the reason, we find ourselves wishing for something either better or… different. I think I may have figured it out.

Just because I am good or great at something does not mean that is what my mission in life is. I’m great a typing, but would not be caught dead as a court reporter. I’m great at cooking, but would not want to serve as a chef. I’m great at teaching and take my job very seriously but find that my dissatisfaction with the system – the overcrowded classrooms, the politicization of education as far as charter vs. public and the dog chasing the tail practice that we call standardized testing leaves me sad, frustrated and irritated on a regular basis. Magic Johnson was great at playing basketball, but what he is accomplishing as an entrepreneur is so much more incredible and meaningful. In fact, I’d argue that his playing basketball is what put him in the position (financially and in terms of resources) to be the mogul that he is today. It may have even prepared him mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

In my mid twenties, I committed to the “change or don’t complain” mantra and in this case I’m working on the “change” so that I can stop complaining.

I started asking myself questions like, “If I could do anything for a living, what would I do?” “How much money needs to be made in order to sustain the lifestyle that I have for my family?” “What do I find myself doing when I’m not, ‘working’?” I know that God wants us to leave the earth as better individuals than when we entered it and I truly believe that God employs ambassadors here on earth to represent his will and his nature. Whatever path that my career takes, I know that I must be working for the sake of helping others to improve their lives. I also know that my husband, my step children and my future children need my support, guidance and time, so whatever I do must allow me that time and mental & emotional space to be available and present for them. Am I the only one struggling with this career thing?  If you believe you’re working in your “fate,” how did you know that you were doing what you were called to do? Besides Magic Johnson, are there others who you believe were called to do what they are doing?

Co-Founder & Executive Director of Donda's House, Inc. Wife to Che "Rhymefest" Smith. Believer. Writer. Scrapbooker. ΣΓΡ.

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