How To Make A Quick Cute Notebook – Tutorial


Index Card Sized Paper – I used Helvet Index Cards which I won for free in December from Stepcase Lifehack.  Make sure it’s large enough for your to write on, but small enough to be portable.

Jump Ring a.k.a. Loose Leaf Rings – You can purchase these at any office supply store. They come in various sizes. Make sure you choose the one that is medium sized (or  large sized).

Ribbon – Three different colors – Again, just use what you have on hand!

Alphabet Stickers + Embellishments – Go to your stash for this. Do not buy anything new.

Hole Puncher – I use my We R Memory Keepers Crop A Dile. It is a very versatile tool that sets brads & eyelets, and also punches two different sized holes (a traditional hole) and then a smaller hole.

Put It Together:

1. First, you need to punch holes in your index cards. The Helvet Cards had a little line in the border that I used as a guide. You may need to take out your ruler and mark each card 2 1/2 or 3 inches from the edge in order to figure out your guide.  I put holes in 40 cards.

2. Next, you need to put your index cards on the ring. Be sure if there is a design that you put them in the same direction (or you can make the artistic direction not to).

3. Leave one card out to for the cover. Add your stickers and embellishments. The title of my book is “Donnie’s Field Notes” because I will be keeping my notebook in my purse for random thoughts, notes and lists.

4. Tie three different ribbons to the ring (in coordinated colors to match your embellishments) & you’re done!

I plan to make another one whenever I start to run out space using different color index cards, stickers and ribbon. You can make yours to coordinate with your purse or accessories. Generally I make 12 x 12 Custom Frames for gifts, but now I will be adding these in to the mix too. For gifts, I’d laminate the cover and include instructions on how to “refill” the book.

Let me know if you have any questions and please share your mini note book with me when you’re done! You can create a similar project using pictures (that you laminate of course) and other memorabilia.


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