Pillow Talk: Too $hort Debate

My husband Che (a.k.a. “Rhymefest”) and I have regular healthy debates about various issues. Today while I was at work, this popped up in my g-chat. We thought it would be a good idea to start sharing some of these convos & would love to know where you stand… You can quickly read the back story on the Too Short Advice Column/XXL Fiasco here: http://www.clutchmagonline.com/2012/02/too-shorts-xxl-advice-video-prompts-outrage-petition-and-apologies/
che: I’ve been on twitter defending Too Short lol
donnie: NOOOOOO
  noo, noo, noo!
  Bad, bad, bad!
che: oh yeah
 donnie: OMG babe…
 che: Too $hort used those exact same words from the article in a song from the early 90’s http://youtu.be/yuMIl86kj4E so while we complain about what he says now it highlights a bigger problem with us as fans. Short Dog did what he’s always done  and he advocated what he’s never been called on before. The real villain is XXL mag and nobody knows the name of the person who thought this was a good idea and no one cares about the media puppeteer. While they didn’t put the words in his mouth they certainly knew what he was prone to say based on his artistic history. It’s like Casey Anthony giving young mothers baby sitting tips. Last month it was Nikki Minaj, This week its Too Short Next week itll be another and not once do we critique the mainstream media that thinks its cute to distribute this crap!
donnie: Ok… I totally agree with you. But I also believe in artistic responsibility. At the end of the day, Too Short’s Lyrics had a parental advisory. The songs he made from the 90s were targeted at adults.
  I think it is problematic (almost sexual abuse) that he KNOWINGLY opened his mouth and said those words when he knew the interview was going to be for teenage boys. It would be one thing if XXL said, “this is for our readers” without specifying the age. They specified the age. Too Short is 46 years old.
  He should have known enough to say “don’t say this is for young boys” or anything of that nature.
  Plus, it was an interview which is not the same as song lyrics. Now in terms of actual responsibility – whoever green lighted that project should be held responsible – fired even. The specific words he said about sexual pleasure and all that. Not appropriate.
che: Not true at all that those songs were targeted at adults, how many adults did you know listening to “Freaky Tales”? Adults were too busy ripping their children’s ribbons out the Too Short Tapes. I don’t advocate what he said at all, yet I would also ask which medium has a larger appeal to youth in todays society the written word or the music?
donnie: Let’s say your teenage daughter wants to be a journalist and she reads XXL. Would you want her reading those words of a 46 year old man? Or even worse, it was video! That is child porn!
  I agree that music has a wider appeal than the written (or visual) word…
  Heck, even i was listening to “Freaky Tales” as a young girl, but that doesn’t make it right… Most black girls (1 out of 4) are sexually abused (raped or molested) before they turn 21.
  And it’s usually by an adult in their lives.
che: I will again point to the words he used in 1988 ‘Don’t fight the feeling’ “I wont i ask, I wont beg, reach over rub your leg, let my hand slide between your mini skirt slip a finger in your P***** and straight go to work”
donnie: I get that…But again – Parental Advisory… He didn’t say, “this is for teenage girls.”
che: when young people purchase music on line what does Parental advisory mean
donnie: Music is not the same as a face to face interview.
 che: did he put the sticker there? These practices in fake precaution are not good reasons to excuse the music’s influence and targeted audience.
donnie: I just think it’s irresponsible PERIOD for a GROWN man to tell a teenage boy how to have sex with young girl in public…
 che: I agree and as always honey youre right
 donnie: He’s old enough to be someones granddaddy. As a mother, it is my job to teach my daughter how to protect herself & how to be responsible and how to avoid getting pregnant. It is NOT my job to teach her how to give oral sex or how to engage in specific sex acts. Unfortunately, most fathers don’t feel that way about their sons…
che: While I don’t agree with what Too $hort said and believe it promotes the opposite image of what a healthy relationship is to young men and women. I also think its to easy to place most if not all the blame at his doorstep. Artist are killing children everyday with words and images, as Adults stand by and allow the media to flood the airwaves with death. I’m suggesting that the editors at XXL thought this was a good idea because no one has complained about Short Dog in the last 30 years and he’s been saying all the same things to a wider audience. As the father of two girls and one boy and in a healthy loving marriage its my job not to hide the ugly evils that exist but prepare my children to face the world with a little wisdom, a healthy sense of caution, and a whole lot of common sense.Sincerely A Too $hort fan…

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