Hello Baby Blue Ivy!!!

It is no secret… I’m a huge fan of Beyonce! Mainly because I feel like we “grew up” together. My cousins and I would often make up dance routines to their songs and I can sing most songs from the Destiny’s Child and her personal catalog word-for-word (ad libs and everything).

I had the opportunity to watch Ms. Beyonce Giselle Knowles transform into the entertainment powerhouse/business mogul that she is today and whether we’re watching Sasha Fierce, or Mrs. Carter, the 30 year old is a force to be reckoned with. The girl works hard and I’ve always admired her smart decision to keep most details of her personal life private (in Old Hollywood fashion). I am also happy to see that Beyonce and Sean are not using their little one as a cash cow, and in true Carter fashion they released her birth announcement to the world on Tumblr – not in a multi-million dollar deal with People or another paparazzi employer. Beyonce is also a role model in that she did things the traditonal way – she was married first, achieved financial and career success first, and then decided to bring a child into the world on her own terms. This is refreshing when the moral fabric of America as it relates to sexuality is hanging by a thong (or nipple pasty – depending on where you look).  I also found out that she had a miscarriage, which makes me feel even more happy for her and her husband. Congratulations to my big sister (in my head lol!) and the entire Knowles/Carter Family and welcome to the world beautiful Blue Ivy!

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