Love Countdown – Day 5

Today marks four days until we celebrate the holiday of love. Each day, for the next six days I will post three things – one for the past, one for the present and one for the future of your love life.

5 of 7 Ways To Express Your Love

Today or tonight when you get home – put blindfolds on yourself and your significant other and touch each other to see what you express. Nonverbal communication is an incredibly powerful way to communicate and it will be like you are speaking a new language. It doesn’t have to end with intercourse… you can just touch for the sake of touching and really listen to what the other person is saying. When it’s all over – think about what you felt… and smile.

Decorating Around The House

It is time for you for you & your significant other to have a professional photo shoot. Visit Brooklyn Bride and check out the engagement shoots for ideas:

Take a Train Ride

There is something very nostalgic and romantic about a train ride. Look up Amtrak schedules and plan a weekend getaway! You can have an even more romantic time if you stay at a bed & breakfast which tend to have more of an intimate atmosphere.

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