Love Countdown – Day 4

Today marks five days until we celebrate the holiday of love. Each day, for the next six days I will post three things – one for the past, one for the present and one for the future of your love life.

4 of 7 Ways To Express Your Love

Set a goal together. There is nothing that says I love you like working toward a dream together. Now this is not the same as working toward one of your dreams. For example, perhaps you decide you want to run a marathon together, or maybe you want to redo a room in your house? Whatever it is, put it on paper, and start working slowly but surely toward your dream.

Decorating Around The House

Grab an empty (clean!) jar. Tie a pretty red ribbon bow around the thinnest part. Cut out little paper hearts and on each heart write “Reasons Why I Love You.” When your sweetheart wakes up, present it to him/her. Watch his/her eyes light up when they read your 50 or 100 reasons.

Love Coupons

Purchase or make up a set of these for you & your boo. Choose your favorite ideas from the list and type up your “coupons” on the computer. The coupons on “Coupons for My Lover” have a professional quality. You can get up to six for $5.95 or 7 – unlimited for $8.45.

Go to this site for more creative coupon ideas.

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