Love Countdown – Day 3

Today marks five days until we celebrate the holiday of love. Each day, for the next six days I will post three things – one for the past, one for the present and one for the future of your love life.

3 of 7 Ways To Express Your Love

Do something that you don’t normally do. For example, if your man loves to watch sports (and you hate it) watch a full game with him. Or if he plays video games, have him teach you how to play one of the less complicated games. If your girl normally does the dishes or the laundry, surprise her by doing the dishes or the laundry. If she cooks meals – flip it and make her a meal or hire a chef to come in to prepare a meal for both of you. One of the main reasons that relationships go stale is because they become so predictable and can eventually reach a state of boredom. Avoid that by doing things out of the ordinary sometimes.

Decorating Around The House

Flowers are an inexpensive way to add beauty to your home. Head to your local florist and buy her a garden bunch in her favorite color. You can pick up a beautiful vase from a store like Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s or even Target offers cute seasonal items. Every woman likes receiving flowers at her job! Go to to put in the order. Remember that flowers are extremely overpriced in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. Purchase your flowers the day after the holiday to get a good deal.

Be Tourists For the Day

Whether you grew up in the city you currently reside in or you’ve recently adopted it, go online to see what’s happening at the museum or downtown. I’ve been living in Chicago for 10 years (June) and I’ve never been to the top of the Willis (Sear’s) Tower. What an amazing date? Be sure to check the ethnic museums to see if you can find something interesting and plan a date. Being your camera, plan to stop and get lunch (or if the weather is nice) have a picnic.

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