Love Countdown – Day 2

Today marks six days until we celebrate the holiday of love. Each day, for the next six days I will post three things – one for the past, one for the present and one for the future of your love life.

2 of 7 Ways To Express Your Love

Being in a good/healthy relationship is a form of therapy. You should be able to talk to your partner about anything without fear. Schedule some time in your calendar within the next six days to have a heart to heart with your significant other. The conversation can be about simple things – something that you’d like for him/her to do around the house or hard things – character or personality traits that are troublesome or unresolved issues. Being in a long term relationship or a marriage is like buying a new car – in the beginning things are great but you’ve got to have regular maintenance to ensure that the vehicle continues to run good for you. Heart to Hearts are like tune-ups for a relationship and it’s better to bite the bullet of feeling slightly embarrassed or anxious now rather than having to pick up the shattered pieces and try to put them back together later. Sorry for all the cliches (smile) but this is one of those aspects of love/relationships that relationship gurus don’t really talk about but one that is essential nonetheless.

Decorating Around The House

One of my favorite artists Elsie Larson created this beautiful display in her kitchen that celebrates the first year of her marriage. You can visit Elsie’s blog here: Her love wall includes photos, art work and love notes. You can find the post about this installation here: It is a form of “visual” scrapbooking or memory keeping. Imagine walking into your kitchen and seeing a full year of amazing memories. It would be much harder to fight in that space right? It could help you keep things in perspective. Consider building your own “Wall of Love” somewhere in your house.

Start a Date Night

Couples that work hard must play hard. If the President of the United States can find some time to spend with his wife – one-on-one, uninterrupted, so can you! It is important to reconnect on a regular basis without the stress of work, without the duties of parenting and without the pressure of time. Bonus points if you turn off your cell phone/TV/laptop in fact – any thing that beeps (vibration is fine 😉 should be turned off so that you can tune in to your lover. Date Nights should be a regular part of your routine! Weekly is the standard, but if all you can do is bi-weekly or even monthly – anything is better than nothing. Every body wants to feel special and uninterrupted time says, “you’re a priority in my life.”

Be sure to come back tomorrow for Day 3 and check out Day 1 of the Countdown

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