Seven Tips for Self Care

Self care is more than a feeling. It is a verb! Something you must do. It also happens to be the first thing that gets tossed to the side when we are surrounded by other people we love. Here are some ideas to help you express your love to the most important person in your life…


1. Schedule some “me” time at least weekly and do an activity that you love to do. Watch your favorite shows uninterrupted. Do an activity you love (perhaps a craft like sewing, scrapbooking or gardening).

2. Take yourself out on a date – alone. I have a two per year limit on romantic comedies with my hubby, and after I cash those in I take myself and my friends out to see those movies.

3. Invest in your friendships! Go out to lunch, have coffee, visit fitness classes and go to cultural activities (like the museum or art gallery) with your girls.

4. Buy something beautiful! My new thing is fresh flowers. Though small, they add beauty to my physical environment. They usually last for about two weeks.  I get my flowers from Costco (for $8.99 per bouquet) but will be shopping around at local floral shops soon.

Consider getting something girly or  funny coffee mug that just belongs to you. I live in a house full of guys – and they tend not to bother my “pink” dishes lol.

Buy things in your favorite color (which for me happens to be pink). My Macbook Pro case is pink, my cell phone case is pink and though small – buying things in my favorite color is one way that I show myself love.

5. Spa & cosmetize. Go get a manicure, a pedicure or the mani/pedi combo. Go get a new hairstyle. Put some makeup on.

6. Give yourself permission to disappear. Turn off your cell phone after a certain time at night. Give yourself an e-mail free day each week. You do not have to be accessible 100% to the world. Use the time you disappear to rest, to plan or do whatever you need to do to nurture your spirit.

7. Clean up. Sometimes our physical spaces can become so cluttered that we start carrying around that “stuffy” energy. Clean out your car & put some new car air freshener in it. Clean off that “catch all” table top where you have mail and god knows what else. You don’t have to necessarily do a marathon cleaning session but simply choose one small space, clean it up and notice how you feel afterwards.

4 thoughts on “Seven Tips for Self Care

  1. Great tips. I decided that 2012 was going to be the year where I invested in me. I have been doing most of the things you named above, as well as getting myself set up to start therapy, I think that one of the main ways to care for self is to clear mental space, and let go of baggage! Great post Donnie!

    1. Hey Lauren! I love the idea of therapy as well. Whether therapy or life coach or counselor, it is important to have someone help us unpack that baggage. Some of us are carrying a lot from our past and we don’t know how much it is weighing us down until we sit down with a professional!

  2. #3 – I’m the type of person that likes to keep to myself when i’m stressing but im finding out that being around ppl that i care about actually makes me feel better.
    #6 – gotta do that more often!!!

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