28 Things I’ve Learned As I Turn 28…

As I celebrate my 28th Birthday today, I wanted to share 28 Things I’ve Learned while living on this earth. I always feel reflective around this time of year. If you’d like an extended response about any of the items on this list let me know and I’ll post it for you! I do feel like I’m knocking on 30s door lol… A new decade is coming… wow! I went to see Red Tails with my hubby (which was an amazing film) and will be spending the weekend scrapbooking – my favorite thing in the world lol.

  1. God is in control at all times.
  2. Sometimes when you’re angry it’s best to just be quiet.
  3. Children more than anything need time & undivided attention.
  4. Action conquers fear.
  5. Micro actions lead to major results.
  6.   You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel.
  7. Off brands are sometimes just as good/equal to name brands.
  8. Sleep is a vital component of being healthy.
  9. If someone knows you love them/are committed to them, conflicts are easier to deal with.
  10. Crying is a physical manifestation of pain or frustration.
  11. The only person you can control is yourself.
  12. You have to do things regularly that nurture your spirit/make you happy.
  13. It takes more energy to harbor resentment & anger than to forgive.
  14. Indifference is like a fire extinguisher for negativity.
  15. Your home is your sanctuary from the world.
  16. Where there is clutter there is loss – loss of information, loss of time, loss of value…
  17. Sometimes it’s good to get lost.
  18. “Perfection” and “personal best” are relative terms. It means something different to everyone.
  19. Inspiration comes from simply observing.
  20. Friendships are like gardens! They must be “tended” to.
  21. Sometimes you don’t know what you think until you see it written down.
  22. When you take a risk, you have to be open to the gain & prepared for the loss.
  23. There is nothing new under the sun.
  24. Prayer is a stress reliever.
  25. The oxygen mask on the plane– you have to take care of yourself first before you can take care of others.
  26. Your mind & your heart can will things to happen – good or bad.
  27. You learn more with an open mind than a closed one.
  28. Change is directly correlated to choices.

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