Losing Weight: Portion Control & Snacks

I love snacks! Always have. As a young girl I used to walk to the local corner or liquor store to stock up on 5 cent or 25 cent snacks – potato chips, mini juices, pickles and candy bars. Now that I’m trying to lose weight, I am looking for ways to help myself manage my diet, my cravings and my weight. I saw this recommendation a while ago and decided to try it out myself.

1. Buy several different large boxes of your favorite snacks. My favorites include Wheat Thins, Pita Chips, Graham Crackers, Trail Mix and fruit snacks.

2. Buy a box of snack size zip lock bags. The smallest pack comes with 50 bags.

3. Look at each box & “divy” up your portions into the bags. Look at the label to determine the appropriate serving size and put that amount & that amount only in the box.

4. Put all of the snacks into a small basket or container that you keep in an easily accessible area. This can work for not only you but other members of your family – especially if you have kids. I have a snack basket on my counter and I also keep one in the fridge where I keep the same size snack packs of turkey meat, cheese slices and sliced fruit or veggies. I grab one or two a day to take with me to work and that way my snacks are never more than 100 – 150 calories each and I have the pleasure of variety since I have a variety of snacks.

3 thoughts on “Losing Weight: Portion Control & Snacks

  1. Thank you for this!! I am at my highest weight ever in life.. and need to put my health first. I did this before (dividing portions using zip lock bags) but did not stick with it. I will definitely give this a try again …today for sure. Thank you for the motivational post.


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