Project Life – Week 1 of 52

Project Life is a simple approach to capturing everyday life created by Becky Higgins who you can find here:

Some people take a photo a day, others approach the project weekly. I’m doing the weekly approach and unlike many others, I’ve decided that I’m going to make my own journal cards and tags (although the ones from the official Project Life Kit are absolutely perfect)! I decided that I’d challenge myself to complete this project this year, and as a reward for finishing I’ll purchase a kit next year. Anywho, as it stands, I’m planning to complete my week on Saturday and hopefully have the post up no later than Sunday (for the previous week). I want to share my space with you guys, as well as share my Title Page & Week 1 Layout!

This is my project life corner. It includes an inbox (for me to easily capture and have access to all my memorabilia that week). The thing about Project Life is that you’re supposed to use not only pictures but receipts, menus, business cards – whatever you have that represents that particular week. There is also a rotary tool/journal card organizer that I purchased from staples (for about 20 bucks), a file sorter, a 12 x 12 accordion file (to keep the specialty cardstock that I bought just for Project Life), a pop up note dispenser (great for jotting quick notes about a photo or artifact), a disposable zip lock container (that holds embellishments & stuff to small to go in the rotary file) and a binder (that I use to hold my alphabet/letter stickers).

This is the collection of journal cards that I made totally from scraps. I’m always trying to use my scraps lol!

I found this notepad called “Today Mini Goals” for $5.00 in the “clearance” section at Staples. It’s perfect for Project Life!

A close up of the rotary file that holds journal cards & tools purchased at Staples for $20.00.

Here is the title page of my 2012 Project Life Album…

A part of this page was private, so I had to “blot” it out. Can only share with friends & family! Love you guys though!

Here is the final page of my Week 1 layout.


1. Don’t purchase photos on line! They take TOO long to deliver! I must find a local print studio that I like better than Walgreens & that will print my photos within 24 hours.

2. I’d like to journal more throughout the week. This week I jotted notes down on post-its and wrote one large journal.

3. Keeping my camera with me is key. A lot of the pics were ones that I was fortunate to capture because I had my camera with me like this one, on the way home Friday, Jan. 6th:

5 thoughts on “Project Life – Week 1 of 52

  1. I agree, dong the journalling at the time is so important. I’ve got into a bad habit of only doing my photos once a month (and I got about 4 months behind at the end of 2011) so it’s hard to remember a lot of the stuff if I don’t write it down at the time. I got a great diary that has a week to a page on one side and a note page on the other so I can write notes during the day & not forget the reason I took the photo.

    I love your week 1 layout 🙂 and those journal cards are gorgeous.

    1. Thanks SleepyDwarf! I’m trying to stay on the print the photos once a week plan, I’ve just got to find a better printer than Walgreens. The prints aren’t horrible but I know I can find some better. I have a similar diary and will be using that to help remember things. I have to write things down otherwise they disappear lol. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I found you via the Facebook Project Life group. I am going to follow you and you how your weeks are progressing. Your kit made from stash looks absolutely perfect. I started a bit early – just finished Week Two and I am loving this project so far.

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