Friday Five: Around The Web

Here are some interesting links around the web:

1. DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stopping Hypertension) Diet voted best overall compared to 25 of the most popular diet plans for 2012. I have high blood pressure, so I’m going to be working on this for the upcoming year!

2. Breast Feeding & Pumping At Work Now Protected By Federal Law – Huge SCORE for moms!

3. Scott Dinsmore’s FREE 2012 Goal Setting & Action Workbook: <—— Scott gives wonderful, practical & inspiring advice. I’ve been using his tools for the last two years!

4. Black Church owns a KKK Store in South Carolina? Would you call that poetic justice? (I wish I was making that up)

5. Gangs & Politicians in Chicago: An Unholy Alliance During our city council campaign, my husband was falsely called a gang member – almost one year later we find out the truth. This is indicative of many of the issues in the African American community! We need to clean up our own houses before we start parting the finger toward others…

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