Motorcycle Diaries…

I own a motorcycle. A ’97 Yamaha Virago. My husband owns a 2000 Honda Valkyerie. He taught me how to ride in the summer of 2011. Needless to say, we CAN’T WAIT until the Spring, because we’re planning a few road trips, and of course will be riding our motorcycles everywhere together. Here are a few pics of our bikes. Both are totally customized with Chrome and he even had my name painted on my in my favorite color pink. It says Donnie and in the background it says “Mrs. Smith” 🙂 I’m also planning to pick up some new gear and wanted to share. I’m going for the feminine yet edgy look.

Here are some pics of our bikes:

Here is the gear I’d like to get:

l’ve absolutely added a riding necklace & bracelet, and yes I plan to wear it ONLY while riding my motorcycle lol! If you’re in Chicago or the Midwest HONK if you see us on our bikes 😉

3 thoughts on “Motorcycle Diaries…

  1. I had that purple Icon Rogue jacket and loved it especially since the bottom detached and it cropped but still had protection! Sad to say that and my 2 other jackets were stolen but hey I loved it, I think you will too!

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