Last Post of 2011…

Hey darlings! I’ve decided to make my last post of the year 2011 about YOU!

I researched the top New Year’s Resolutions & decided to give you some resources to help you accomplish your goals in 2012. The resolution is in bold and then there are some links directly below each heading that will help you out!

Get Organized:

10 Things To Do Everyday to Stay Organized

Org Junkie

Finding Mr. Right/Getting Rid of Mr. Wrong

Is Love The Only Reason to Get Married?

Humorous/Candid Advice from a group of men

Lose Weight

10 Exercises DVDs to Get You Going

A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss (VERY inspirational – the author of this site personally lost a ton of weight on her own!)

Dress More Fashionable:

Economy of Style

Fashion Bomb Daily (high fashion, but great to get overall trends and translate it into more affordable choices)

Get More Spiritual

Kim Cash Tate:

I’m really lacking in this department in terms of good resources. Please recommend your favorite spiritual blogs or websites! They can deal with Christianity, Islam or Buddhism.

Strengthen Your Partnership/Marriage

5 Trips to Take With Your Lover

Black & Married With Kids

I am wishing you a prosperous, peaceful and productive 2012!!!



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