Thinking About 2011…

My favorite superheroine Storm & her husband T’Challa (a.k.a. “The Black Panther”)

What are your going to treat yourself to more of next year?

I’m going to treat myself to more scrapbooking! I was on the once per month plan in 2011. I’m going to get on the once a week plan in 2012!
What was your A-ha moment or greatest lesson you learned this year?

My A-ha moment for 2011 was that I am/(we) are not entitled to anything. For some reason we assume that if we make good choices, have integrity, have faith – we are somehow entitled to something – a good life, favor, happiness. Not so much. God doesn’t owe us anything. People don’t owe us anything. The good things that happen to us are blessings that have little to do with our behavior or our attitude. The bad things that happen to us are also blessings because they are an example of God’s mercy – as long as we are breathing.
What new friendships/relationships emerged this year?

I found someone just as passionate about scrapbooking as me (maybe even more than me) so we  get together regularly to scrapbook together. I hope to find more of those people to hang out with.

What was sacred to you this year?

My marriage and my family was sacred to me this year.
How did you stand up for yourself this year?

I said no clearly, regularly and often. People used to be able to guilt trip me into doing things. Now, if something doesn’t fall in line with my values I can easily turn it down. It took a looooooong time for me to get to that place!

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