#Reverb11 – Reflecting on 2011

#Reverb11 is a reflection tool. Please see more info here brought to us by Kandice Washington Cole: http://us2.campaign-archive2.com. Kandice Washington Cole also happens to be one of my besties! I love her prompts!

1. What books or writing had a profound effect on you?

Every morning I have an e-mail sent to me from The Daily Love: http://thedailylove.com/. They are inspirational quotes, aspirations and little stories. It is a quick way to be inspired every single day!

2. What new strengths did you discover about yourself this year? How will you use those strengths next year? 

This year I discovered just how strong my memory is. I always joke about being forgetful, but when it really counts – I don’t forget faces or names. This was particularly useful during my husband’s city council campaign. We met hundreds of people every week and I found a way to “tag” something to that individual. When/if we came across them again I would quickly whisper to my husband “that was the lady whose son was shot to death” or “that was the volunteer whose mom lost her house.” Even if I forgot the face, if the person told me one small part of their story, I would remember the rest. I will continue to try to remember names/faces in 2012.

3. Describe your favorite eating/cooking experience.

Caption: A tray filled with Traditional Ethiopian Dishes (from my fav. restaurant)

My favorite restaurant is Ethiopian Diamond. It’s a traditional ethiopian restaurant where food is served communally on trays. I usually go to the restaurant with my best friends and for some reason eating from the same plate (without utensils) is a great bonding experience. If you ever go to a Ethiopian Restaurant order Doro Tibs Alicha (a chicken dish), Sambusa (a fried dumpling – chicken or spinach is the best) and finish your meal with a pot of traditional Ethiopian Tea – the spices are yummy & I have yet to find the tea outside of the restaurant.

4. What miracle did you witness this year? 

I witnessed the miracle of kindness. You’d be surprised to learn how far a smile, a “hello” or a tip can go in creating happiness in another person’s life.

5. How did your friendships change this year? 

Caption: Me & my two best friends. 

I’ve been blessed with great friends but this year my friends were SUPER supportive. When I delivered in the hospital my best friends saw me naked – literally and figuratively. They shared my most vulnerable moment and were kind, compassionate and unwavering. It was a bittersweet moment because in one moment I felt an incredible sense of emptiness but an overpowering sense of love at the same time.

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