FEATURE STORY: Boycotting Kim Kardashian…

I’m a fan of direct action… voter registration drives, sit-ins and boycotts. In fact, I believe that direct action is one of the most effective ways to make change happen.

Courtesy of Clutch Magazine, I came across this campaign to Boycott Kim Kardashian.

So far boycottkim.com has 456,213 signatures and their goal is 500,000. They have a “pledge” which outlines the particular behavior supporters of their cause will exhibit including “We will not purchase any products sold by Kim Kardashian or the Kardashian Brands & will encourage my friends and family to do the same.” On the actual website they have a list of the brands that support Kim Kardashian including Walmart and Macys. In other words, someone has clearly done their research and they are very serious about their cause.

The point is this article is not to discuss my support or non-support of the Boycott Kim Kardashian campaign. Honestly, I’m not mad at Kim or her family because she’s (they’ve) managed to amass a fortune based on “branding” herself.  I am impressed by whoever is behind this website because they saw an issue and acted on it rather than being just another person complaining or whining.

When we talk about social change (or even personal change) – how serious are we – really? What are we willing to do and create to make change? How often do we find ourselves complaining about something but never really taking any action to alter or transform things?

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