Reflecting on 2011

#Reverb11 is a reflection tool. Please see more info here brought to us by Kandice Washington Cole: Kandice Washington Cole also happens to be one of my besties! I love her prompts!

What motto emerged from this year?

“Abundance flows into my life in surprising and miraculous ways every day.” – Cheryl Richardson

Picked up that lovely gem from Oprah’s Life Class and have been repeating it almost daily since.

What unexpected person, experience, etc came into your life this year? How did you respond to it?

There was someone who didn’t have my or my family’s best interest at heart that came into my life. Rather than feeding into the negativity or drama, I simply ignored the individual. When it comes to some things, the best response is to avoid “feeding” it or giving it attention. I did that in this case and “poof” the individual & all the drama disappeared!
What was your favorite guilty pleasure?

I don’t even have to say anything, let me just show you a picture! I only bought the small size.

Set a timer for 5 minutes and describe your experience this year.

2011 for me was a year of great loss, but also a year of great inspiration. There have been some things kind of “incubating” in and around me for a while, and 2011 was the year that I decided to bring some of that into fruition. I was very intentional about many of my goals. I made a decision that I needed to start scrapbooking more, so I found a partner and started physically going out to crops (scrapbooking meet-ups/parties). It was like vision – action. Vision – action. All year. Next year though instead of just vision – action, I’d like to change that second verb to execution. Actions are dope, they are baby steps, but I want to land as many balls into the hoop as possible next year.2011 was also a year of acknowledging several things that I had been in denial about. It felt good to recognize and own those things and I’m hoping to do better in 2012. I also realized how strong of a support network I have, and that someone is always watching (even if that someone is just God). The two major events in my life in 2011 were my husband’s city council campaign and our creation & loss of our first baby together. I feel like I loss a lot in 2011, but only to experience great abundance in 2012.
What moment in your life was filled with beauty?

One of my coworkers surprised me with a very sweet personal message and two books by Pema Chodron to read. When I saw that Amazon box, I knew i hadn’t ordered anything but words are the most powerful/long-lasting thing you can ever give someone. I feel so honored.

What are 12 things you can eliminate from this year? How do you plan on doing that?

1. [Unhealthy] Fast Food – I plan on keeping snacks and fruit with me in case I get hungry and preparing my meals at home.

2. Overflowing laundry – With three people in my house we have a ton of laundry & it seems like it’s never done. I plan to wash three loads every other day in order to stay on top of it.

3. Overflowing e-mail inbox – I don’t delete. Especially junk or spam mail. I want to get in the habit of cleaning out my e-mail once per week.

4. Complaining – I want to spend more time highlighting the blessings in my life rather than complaining about the bad things. If there are some things that need to change, I want to take the necessary steps to make those changes. I plan to keep a gratitude journal and update it daily.

5. Unprinted photos – In order to help with scrapbooking I plan to upload and print my photos at least bi-weekly so that they can be scrapbooked more easily.

6. Random meals – I’d really like to start making & sticking to meal plans. I feel like this will save money but it also ensures healthy meals for me & my family. It’s too much to plan 3 meals per day, but I would like to start with dinner.

7. Not exercising – I’ve lost 18 pounds. I’d like to lose another 20 – 30 before June. I plan to exercise 3 days per week and incorporate some stretching so that I can be more limber. If I can keep up my home routine for 6 months, my reward will be a gym membership or personal trainer in the summer!

8. Not drinking enough water – Would like to start each day with a glass of water before drinking anything else & hopefully finish it before I leave for the day. Will increase as time goes on.

9. Not enough girlfriend time – I love my girls. I’d like to spend more time with my besties as well as cultivate some new friendships 🙂

10. Worrying – I worry too much. When I feel like worrying, I will say or write a prayer and release whatever it is I’m worrying about.

11. Bad nails – I hate bad nails. I will get a manicure every 2 weeks (or paint my nails myself in crisis situations lol).

12. Sausage stuffed schedule – Sometimes I just have too much going on. I can be too ambitious and it stresses me out. Rather than trying to accomplish everything at once I’m going to focus on smaller goals and one – two supersized goals for the entire year. That’s it!

If you’re not reverbing, it’s not too late! Join in on the challenge!


2 thoughts on “Reflecting on 2011

  1. This is great sweat pea keep on writing u were born writing and it therapeutic for you.. remember your poem there is power in the pen.. love ya bunches

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