Reverb 11

#Reverb11 is a reflection tool. Please see more info here brought to us by Kandice Washington Cole: Kandice Washington Cole also happens to be one of my besties! I love her prompts!

Oprah asks you to do a page article of your favorite things. What were a few of your favorite items?

1. OPI Bubble Bath – My favorite polish for 2011. It is a sheer baby pink/neutral that gives the perfect coat of color, but also packs a nice punch for shine.

2. Moleskin Notebooks

Although a bit pricey, they are hands down my favorite notebook. I am particularly fond of the pink & the purple and I usually have one in my purse at all times. They used to only be available at bookstores, but now Target is selling them in the Office Supply Section.

3. Keurig Coffee Maker

I first sampled a cup at one of my besties house. You buy these little “cartridges” called “K-Cups” and it brews one cup of your favorite coffee. It takes the guess work out of making a delicious cup & none goes to waste if you’re the only coffee drinker in the house. It was at the top of the 2011 Christmas List.

4. Reusable Coffee + Plastic Drinking Cup

I purchased both Copco cups at JoAnn Fabric on sale and I must say they are absolutely wonderful. I feel like I’m saving the environment & they’re so darn cute and portable!

5. Google Apps wins for my favorite software this year. The calendar (which syncs with my iCal on my Macbook Pro & my cell phone) is amazing. Google Docs has been very helpful in my role as a teacher and Google Reader allows me to never miss out on my favorite blogs. If you don’t have Google Reader, consider getting it! It is so nice to have all of the updates from all of my favorite blogs in one place!

6. My favorite websites from 2011 including Clutch Magazine It is a digital version of everything I’ve ever wanted in a print magazine – timely articles, beautiful graphics, news updates. In fact, I don’t even purchase magazines subscriptions anymore, I pretty much get everything virtually (in terms of fashion, culture, relationship commentary, etc.). My other favorite website was Happy Black Woman: The name alone makes me smile & Rosetta’s writing is accessible, inspirational and practical all at the same time!

I could go on & on, but I’ll stop there for now. What were your favorite things from 2011?



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