#31 Day Reset Challenge – Identify Your Values

This exercise was difficult because it required me to be totally honest. When looking at my values I hope to move around some of my priorities over the next year, but here they are in order of importance for me right now:

1. Family – particularly my husband, my developing baby and my step-children.

2. Creativity – being able to create art (particularly scrapbooking) nourishes my soul. It is reminder that I am here and how far I’ve come. Memories can easily get tucked into the attic of our minds and hearts. Scrapbooking captures those memories before they get buried (and sometimes lost). I also love creativity in general – beautiful home decor, visual art, etc.

3. Health – I want to be mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically happy so that I can be on earth as long as possible. My body is my temple and I don’t always treat it as such.

4. Character & Integrity – My reputation and what I stand for is very important to me. I never want to compromise who I am. I want to be a positive person who always moves in accordance with my values.

5. Personal Growth – There is always work to be done on self. I never want to get too lazy or too comfortable that I forget this.

6. My Legacy – I want to be known for leaving this world a better place when I leave it. Particularly in the area of low-income youth development.

7. Spirituality – I felt kind of guilty when I realized that this wasn’t first. Spirituality is very important to me, and at some point I’d like for it to be within the top two of my values not just in words but in practice.

8. Compassion & Empathy – I want to always be able to “step outside” of myself and imagine myself in other people’s shoes. I want to give back both in time and money to help others. The more that I get, the more that I want to pass on.

9. Cultural Awareness & Growth – I am a proud black woman and I am committed to a life-time of helping to make my people grow. The prison industrial complex is destroying our families and it is a travesty that we aren’t seeking higher education. Through my non-profit I want to do my part in improving the black community. I also want to support black institutions with my dollars (e.g. attending museum exhibits, films and other cultural events).

10 – I don’t have a tenth value… nine is the number of completion and I’d like to leave it at that. I didn’t want to force anything 🙂

Rosetta over at Happy Black Woman.com: http://happyblackwoman.com/ has created a wonderful tool called 31 Days to Reset Your Life. I won’t be sharing all of my responses publicly, but wanted to put this one out there.

3 thoughts on “#31 Day Reset Challenge – Identify Your Values

  1. I admire your honesty about your priorities. Most people lie to themselves about their priorities to make themselves feel better.

    I would just like to suggest that I like to look at my spirituality as the framework that houses all my other priorities. Our faith is lived out through our priorities & the things you have listed here sound to me like they are rooted in your faith. The world can see God through you. God is accomplishing his work THROUGH you as a wife, mother, mentor, & activist and because you believe in Him and rely on His strength to do His work–that’s faith in action.

    Just food for thought 🙂

    1. @Javetta – thank you for your insight! You’re absolutely right. I guess when I thought about spirituality, I would like to practice my faith more formally by attending a religious institution and fellowship with other believers. I would also like to pray a lot more than I do now. I hope you have a wonderful day!

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