Reflecting on 2011

Don’t wait until you’re depressed, ticked off or stressed to reflect! Reflection should be a regular part of your routine! Whether it’s daily weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

In life we can get so caught up in the routine that we don’t step back and observe which causes us to continue our bad habits, repeat mistakes and miss out on important cues from the universe and opportunities.

As we sail toward our goals, reflection allows us to adjust our sails and “check the map” to make sure we’re still on course.

I love December because it always puts me in a reflective mood. This year I will be doing the following to reflect:

1.#Reverb11 via Kandice Nate: – There are a list of questions that you can respond to and post your answers on Google+, Twitter or keep them private. You choose the questions you want to respond to. I plan on responding daily (in chronological order) and posting my responses here on my blog.

2. 31 Days to Reset your Life via Rosetta at – This is an intensely introspective reflective activity. I’m planning to respond to the prompts in my journal.

3. Finally, every year I complete an Annual Review via The Art of Non-Conformity:×5/how-to-conduct-your-own-annual-review/. – His advice is amazing and he has seen major results!!!

Reviewing does not have to be an individual task. Grab your significant other and do a CSP (Couple’s Strategic Planning):

What are your end of year traditions? Do you set resolutions? If you decide to do any of the above let me know. Especially #Reverb11 so that we can share with each other!

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