Happy December 1st!

17 Weeks Pregnant (5 months)

I love the first day of the month! I also love December because it is a time of reflection for the entire year. I wanted to give you guys a quick update on the pregnancy!

1. SICKNESS – Thank God I did not have any morning sickness at all! I was totally exhausted during the first trimester and now I’m not as tired but I must have my sleep/naps on weekends. It’s almost like a computer battery and as the day goes on I know that energy wise I’m not functioning at 100%. I also feel like I’m never alone and I frequently rub my belly and my husband talks to the baby and rubs it daily.

2. CLOTHING – I can still fit my regular pants, I’ve just invested in a bella band so that I can leave them unbottoned. The bella band extends the life of your regular pants/jeans. Now in terms of shirts I primarily wear maternity shirts (sweaters and tank tops) and long cardigans that can be accessories with belts. The empire waist is the most flattering because ALL of my weight is going to my belly! When I’m at home I love to wear sweat pants/yoga pants with lots of spandex and long fitted tees. The thing about a growing belly is that it renders all of your regular shirts useless because they’re too short! I don’t believe in spending a ton of money on maternity clothes so I shop the Maternity Section at Target, Old Navy & I will be going to H & M.

3. MOOD – inspired… I do have some days and times where I feel irritable but overall I am incredibly happy. My thoughts are consumed by this growing life – how I’m going to decorate the nursery, what will it look like, how will I conquer labor, how can I become a work at home mom. Every thing else is subordinated (unfortunately).

I feel blessed to be carrying life. I feel blessed to be able to have this experience with the love of my life/my best friend. I feel blessed to be at the age I am where I am ready to put me aside and focus my energy, attention, love and resources on my child. I understand that there are millions of women who are unable to conceive and I understand that what is happening inside of me is nothing short than a miracle.

I will be posting lots of updates soon regarding nursery ideas. I spend a lot of time on the bump.com because they have very active message boards and birth clubs (shout out to all of the May 2012 Moms)! I’m creating lots of art and relishing in this period of incubation.

Happy December!

P.S. If the little one cooperates, we will know the gender on December 19th and then it’s time to SHOP lol!

2 thoughts on “Happy December 1st!

  1. Again, so happy for you! My Bella Band was my best friend, and I loved thebump.com too! Hope you continue to enjoy this journey!

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