Lesson 1 – Prayer Changes Things

I’m going to begin posting lessons for my little one and on his/her 21st birthday, I’d like to give the book of lessons to him/her as a present.  I was inspired by A Tribe Called Quest’s “Check the Rhyme” when Q-Tip says “Industry rule number 4080, record company people are shady.” Maybe I’ll have 4,080 lessons to share but today starts with #1.

Lesson #1 – Prayer Changes Things

I was raised in the AME Zion (African Methodist Episcopal Zion) Tradition and your daddy was raised Christian but converted to Islam as a teenager. While I am still a Christian, I also embrace some of the tenements of Buddhism including meditation and impermanence. I’m not sure where your religious journey will take you and while your dad and I plan to do certain things like pray with you before meals, pray before you go to bed and pray about your health and wellbeing –  ultimately you will have a choice… we all do.

One thing that I know for certain is that prayer changes things. I can give you numerous examples from the time I was a teenager until now where I prayed (had a conversation with God where I discussed stress, concerns and needs) and things happened. When I took my first certification test as a teacher I prayed and received well over a passing score. Recently I was praying about getting a new car and my prayers were answered! The thing about prayer is that you must first have faith – an unshakable belief that there is a God who is in control of your life and the universe and you must be willing to humble yourself before God recognizing and acknowledging his power.

I personally write letters to God – on my cell phone, in my agenda book – basically anywhere! I also usually date them because once the prayer is answered it is just further proof of God’s power and existence to be able to look back and see the actual prayer. No matter what you do in life just remember that prayer changes things and never be too proud or too ashamed to pray!

One thought on “Lesson 1 – Prayer Changes Things

  1. I love this idea and it sounds like a bestselling book. How thoughtful and amazing it will be when your grown “little one” will get this Bible. Prayer is powerful, so very powerful. It is the divine connection to God/Supreme Being/One Energy that keeps me grounded 🙂 xoxo

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