Dropping A Live Mic: The Pregnant Ear Infection

Is it no secret that a woman’s body changes drastically when she gets pregnant. Her skin stretches beyond her imagination, her complexion brightens and her center of gravity shifts. One of the most un-talked about realities is that her immune system gets weaker.

This week, I begin my 4th month of pregnancy and so far I’ve been blessed. No morning sickness at all! But yesterday on the way home, I started to get a slight ache in my left ear. It progressively got worse and by the late evening I had what felt like a migraine in my ear. Each time I swallowed, I heard a loud echo (like someone dropped a live mic inside my ear with the amps turned all the way up). I knew it… I had an ear infection.

I was plagued with this as a baby and even had chronic ear infections as a teenager. It is worse than a toothache or a migraine because any movement – a yawn, speaking too loud or enjoying a meal intensifies the pain.

I probably wouldn’t have an ear infection if I were not pregnant – but my weak immune system – which is now supporting two, makes me more susceptible to illness. (HENCE: Think about all the “women who are pregnant or may become pregnant” warning labels).

But then I started really listening to this lesson that God was teaching me through my halfway functional hearing.

The immune system is designed to fight illness and protect the body against harm. Now that there is a little life inside of me, it is no longer just about me! While my safety and comfort has always been my primary concern, now – literally, I have to consider the safety and concern of my child.

Our immune systems are weaker because our bodies are nurturing, growing and protecting the blooming flowers in our wombs. So rather than complain, be upset about the pain, or cry & whine, I got my behind up, went to work and taught to the best of my ability. I took some Tylenol (which of course had to be researched for fetal safety) and went throughout today with a grateful heart and understanding spirit. I know that certain things are a by-product of carrying life.

Every decision that I’ve made from the moment I found out I was pregnant on 9-11-11 (lol at that date) to my first battle with pain/illness as a pregnant lady, ALWAYS takes into consideration my baby first and then me… I’m thankful for this lesson and I pray that I never forget it.

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