It’s Been A Long Time!

My dear readers… It’s been a while! I miss you guys! This time next week I will be back at work for Teacher’s Institute. I have been:

– Scrapbooking like crazy!

– Learning how to ride a motorcycle. My husband & my aunt-in-law have been teaching me and I’m so good that I can ride by myself now. If only I can master neutral without the bike shutting off 🙂

– Writing lesson plans!

– Spending lots of time with my family. You know, the kind where you sleep in late, have meals together at the dining room table, cuddle on the couch and watch TV, ride bikes all throughout the city. It has been amazing and I know I will miss these do nothing days with the ones I love.

– Stalking fall sales, fall magazines and Pinterest – my new internet obsession. It’s a visual inspiration board:

Other than that, I think I’m over social networking – Google +, Twitter, Facebook. I haven’t been plugged in much at all lately… That will probably change once I go back to work but who knows?

So how are you enjoying the end of this season my loves?

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