A Mid-Summer’s Night Dream

Hey Ya’ll!

This week is the halfway mark for my summer vacation and let me say it’s been a good one. More than anything I’m feeling grateful to have the opportunity to have 10 weeks off with pay. Sometimes we deny ourselves “mental health breaks” in the name of strength or perseverance but all humans need down time. As far as the summer manifesto I’ve:

  1. Finish Campaign Scrapbook (about half-way done with this)
  2. Finish Mom’s Scrapbook
  3. Finish Websites (DonnieNicole.Com LINKS, Launch Site For Teachers, Launch DearLittleSis.Com)
  4. Find Latino Novel for 9th Graders
  5. Plan for National Boards
  6. Plan A.P. Comp Curriculum (about half-way done with this)
  7. Get a Sephora Makeover
  8. Get a MAC Makeover
  9. Take a trip to Kalahari Water Park w/ Fam
  10. GO to the top of the Sear’s Tower (for the first time :)
  11. Take a Navy Pier Boat Cruise
  12. Organize Contacts (Google Vs. Address Book)
  13. Clean out e-mail inboxes
  14. Update Teaching Certification
  15. Clean out/organize home office (about half-way there)
  16. Get new eyeglasses
  17. Dentist Appt.
  18. Annual Physical & Gynecologist Visit
  19. Update passport
  20. Get an I-Pad

Other things I’ve done:

21. Created a beautiful baby book (and launched Baby Book business)

22. Taught two Community Organizing classes with my husband (Teacher’s can never stay out of the classroom)

23. Updated my digital Vision Boards via Pinterest

24. Started something special/life-altering (will update you all later)

25. Spent time with friends. I have such good friends and it is blessing to be able to let it ALL hang out without fear of betrayal or judgment.

So that has been my summer in a nutshell. I have some very interesting and practical blog posts coming up. The month of August for me is all about organization and as I complete projects around the house I will upload pics. Thank you for reading and sharing some of your time with me.



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