Costumes Aren’t Just For Halloween

You and your boo or your husband can play dress up for special occasions or just because. Consider surprising your partner when he gets home for work or ordering something special (which doesn’t have to necessarily be limited to lingerie). Take it a step further by playing a little game of role-play. Here is some visual inspiration:

My favorite place to go in Chicago is Fantasy Costumes located at 4065 N. Milwaukee I like this store because it has not only costumes but a full wig shop, lots of accessories and it’s basically a big toy store. You can look up your local costume store in the yellow pages or google it online. Fantasy Costumes has dressing rooms where you can actually try on the different looks.

You can google the costume that you’re looking for or search for costumes online as well. Finally, during Halloween there are usually really good sales in early September and then of course right after Halloween, you can clean up with 50% off or more sales. Find your alter ego.

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