A Week in the Life Scrapbooking Project

One of my favorite scrapbookers Ali Edwards does this annual project called A Week in the Life. You basically document whatever happens in your life one week. This year the project begins on Monday and lasts for one week. I am participating for the first time this year but have been following Ali’s blog for a few years now.

Like Ali, I will begin documenting on Monday and it will last until Sunday. I’m going to have to use my Android phone (Samsung Fascinate) to take pictures because my digital camera broke and I have yet to replace it. While many scrapbookers use a separate album, I am planning to incorporate the layouts into my family album (a 12 x 12 We R Memory Keeper’s album). I am also proud because I did not buy anything new for this project. I used paper from my “scrap” bag and I used lettering stickers that were already open.

Here are some of the pages/journaling cards that I will use. All I have to do is journal and take photos. Ali has a free PDF that you can print out to help you keep up with the journaling/documentation piece.

I apologize for the horrible lighting. Again I’m using my cell phone which does not take the best pics in my house 😦

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