Seeds Are Being Planted

Every conversation that we have, every e-mail that we open, every tweet that we read plants a seed in our minds. Some of the seeds take root and grow inside of our minds and hearts. Many of them bear fruit.

Some of the seeds that are planted are negative. They include things like fear, doubt, regret, distrust. Sometimes the seeds come from the people we love the most – our parents, a good friend or a coworker. At other times it comes from a complete stranger who does not have our best interest at heart. The fruit from these seeds often looks like a bad or self-defeated attitude, insomnia, procrastination or withdrawal.

At other times more positive seeds are planted. Things like compassion, inspiration, humor or affection. These seeds feed our spirits. They make us feel happy to be alive, confident to be in our skins and they awaken our senses.

While we can’t control every interaction that we have, we can control our inner circles. Those individuals in our “inner circle” plant the most seeds in our lives. We can delete a voicemail, e-mail or text from someone who is not planting positive seeds. We can limit our time on social networks where some of the most venomous exchanges take place.

Most of all we can nurture the positive seeds by thinking about them and digesting them through conversation. We can write about them, meditate on them and “water” them with our time and attention. In order to live a healthy and happy life we must allow the positive seeds to “overshadow” the negative ones and hopefully they wither away.

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