Why Wasn’t I Good Enough?

Single Black Male won all kinds of Black Weblog Awards (BWA) this year. I decided to head on over there and check it out and came across this very interesting post where an ex-girlfriend called after finding out that he had moved on to a committed relationship and asked “Why wasn’t I good enough.”

One of the commenters said this:

“…I’ve said it a 1000 times and it hasn’t made me popular amongst the ladies, but I truly believe as far as men are concerned, they only have two type of women in their life:

1) The woman (as in one) they’d be willing to seriously commit to/marry.

2) All other women.

I repeat. There’s only room for one woman in group 1, so if you’re not in group 1, chances arrrrreeeeee……

I think this is too simple a concept for most women to accept. I think they prefer to believe “there is no way men can be that simple.” But what does WIM know about how men think….obviously, nothing.


Check out the blog here:


I’m definitely going to have to write about this one day but I wanted to share the post first!

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