Once a week, this page will be updated with stuff that I love! If you remember “The Weekly Well” this will replace that…


Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s documentary about basketball in America. Now available as an Instant Play on Netflix! A must watch with your basketball loving children, nieces, nephews or students! It’s called “On The Shoulder’s of Giants.”


Clean out your inbox… NOW. Just start deleting those e-mails. You’ll feel so much better. Check out my recent “Inbox Zero” post.


To Beyonce’s new single 1 + 1. It will resonate with you if you are in love!


I recently discovered CamFed http://us.camfed.org/site/PageServer?pagename=what_index an organization that fights poverty and AIDS in Africa by educating and empowering girls/young women. The statistics will startle you!

Co-Founder & Executive Director of Donda's House, Inc. Wife to Che "Rhymefest" Smith. Believer. Writer. Scrapbooker. ΣΓΡ.

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