Summer Manifesto!

In about 2 1/2 hours I will be off for the next 12 weeks! I’m celebrating with my Summer Manifesto (a list of things I plan to do/accomplish over the summer).

For those who can’t view the image here is the list (not necessarily in order of priority).

  1. Finish Campaign Scrapbook
  2. Finish Mom’s Scrapbook
  3. Finish Websites (DonnieNicole.Com LINKS, Launch Site For Teachers, Launch DearLittleSis.Com)
  4. Find Latino Novel for 9th Graders
  5. Plan for National Boards
  6. Plan A.P. Comp Curriculum
  7. Get a Sephora Makeover
  8. Get a MAC Makeover
  9. Take a trip to Kalahari Water Park w/ Fam
  10. GO to the top of the Sear’s Tower (for the first time πŸ™‚
  11. Take a Navy Pier Boat Cruise
  12. Organize Contacts (Google Vs. Address Book)
  13. Clean out e-mail inboxes
  14. Update Teaching Certification
  15. CLean out/organize home office
  16. Get new eyeglasses
  17. Dentist Appt.
  18. Annual Physical & Gynecologist Visit
  19. Update passport
  20. Get an I-Pad

And although it’s not on the notepad I also plan to:

– Blog Weekly (every other day or so for DonnieNicole.Com, every Monday for and every Thursday for ThinkLikeATeacher.Wordpress.Com)

For my fellow teachers, what are you planning to do this summer? For my nonteachers what are you most looking forward to this summer?


7 thoughts on “Summer Manifesto!

  1. Hello Donnie!
    I found your blog (can’t remember how LOL…you know how it is when you’re following links πŸ™‚ ), and I must say I love it! I am also a 20something, married, English teacher (in Dallas, TX) with a passion for writing, and I love what you are doing with your other sites as well.

    This summer, I will be starting a book club with some incoming freshman to help them get acquainted with a few of the texts on their reading lists (Scarlet Letter, Fahrenheit 451, To Kill A Mockingbird, and The Grapes of Wrath). I also have a personal list of things to do that is a mile long like yours which includes but is not limited to:
    * moving my home office to another room in the house
    *completing the scrapbooks I started this year
    * completing my family photo hanging project
    *renting a few classic movies I have never seen (i.e. Terms of Endearment)
    *improving my blog

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. *Waves* Hey Javetta! So happy that you found the site and that I’ve now found you πŸ™‚ I get so many visitors but few leave comments so thank you. We have so much in common! I feel like there is a huge void in terms of brown/black people writing professional lit so that is why I started Think Like A Teacher. I pray that it is useful. I also teach 9th grade (don’t you just love them?) It’s not on my blog but I LOVE movies! The hubby and I try to go all the time for date night. I also love Indie movies. I love TX! Considered moving to Houston for a long time but will be in Chicago at least another 20 years. Can’t say how honored I am that you like my blog and please don’t be a stranger πŸ™‚

    1. lol! We go back a little later than most, so I’m blessed. It’s not really 12 weeks off though b/c I have so much to do in terms of planning but we know how that goes. Good to see you & thanks for checking in πŸ™‚

  2. I agree. We do have a void in terms of brown/black people in professional lit, but I plan to do what I can to close that gap. I plan to inspire as many students as I can to love literature and perhaps they will find they’re way into the field. That’s how I got here, so I will just pay it forward πŸ™‚

    I will not be a stranger as I will be by frequently. I have lots of silent lurkers on my blog, too, that I wish would come out. But you’ve gained a voice in me!

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