It’s A Girl…

Today, I gave birth to my new baby An idea that came to me sometime during the Winter of 2011 – it was cold and beyond my best friends and my husband I sometimes felt alone & isolated within myself.

I am a part of several “circles.” There is the teacher circle, there is the sorority circle, and then there are the larger circles of black womanhood and womanhood in general. What would happen if we step outside of our journals and our private conversations and SHARE our stories. Imagine what would happen if we realized that somewhere in the world there is a woman that feels exactly like me and is either going through the same thing (or about to go through the same thing)?

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” – Alice Walker

We do have power but as my husband says, “True power is the power to give power away. To empower others.” Please go look at my new baby and don’t be too rough with me because I’m a new sensitive mommy. Most of all please tell your story!

E-mail your letter (one paragraph to one full page to) Love & Light!

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