A Belle in BK… The Book!

Demetria L. Lucas (a.k.a. Belle) is one of my favorite bloggers. She blogs at http://www.abelleinbrooklyn.com/ and started blogging in 2007. She is now the Relationships Editor at Essence Magazine and her published book A Belle In Brooklyn: The Go-To Girl for Advice on Living Your Best Single Life is available in stores today.

I remember reading her blogs and her tweets while she was actually writing and reading the book. The frustration, the creative bursts of energy and the time she invested! Holding this book in my hands is a reaffirmation of the fact that dreams do come true and if you’re doing something that you truly love… just FREAKING DO IT!

Congrats Belle. On Chapter 2 and it’s very funny. Almost like having a conversation with one of my besties. While I am far from single – this book has something for every woman coming of age and trying to figure out this thing called love. Now let’s make this a NY Times Best Seller ladies and gents and put some money in this black girl’s pockets!

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