New Blog For Teachers…

I spend a great deal of my time as a public intellectual, a performer, a curriculum specialist. For most of my day, I put on five shows a day (25 shows a week). Teaching is the hardest job you’ll ever love that comes with increasing responsibilities every day. It has been recorded that teachers have over 1,000 verbal/non verbal interactions a day. As a High School teacher I have “140 clients,” which is multiplied when you add their parents & caregivers.

I love my job and for a brief period went through a brief period where I thought I didn’t want to teach formally anymore. Then I realized that I was born to teach… to show students the power of the pen and the transformative power of literature. My love and purpose for teaching is reinforced every time I run into one of my former students “on the street” and they remember my name. It is reinforced every time I encounter an ignorant or bigoted person. It is reinforced every time I speak to someone who asks me “what do you do for a living?”

While originally I wanted to include Teacher posts on, I figured the subject deserved its own space. Please bookmark and visit ThinkLikeATeacher.Wordpress.Com for weekly updates!

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