Inbox Zero – Project

Project Inbox Zero is going to be one of the items on my Summer Manifesto (unveiled Tue. June 21st). I have entirely TOO MANY E-MAILS!!! Digital clutter, just like physical clutter weighs on your conscious. It’s like a background application that you aren’t aware of that drains your energy. My goal this summer is to:

A. Archive e-mails that need to be kept forever into folders (as a teacher this is UBER-important. I have to be able to CMA!).

B. Create a new teacher e-mail (right now the personal e-mail mixed with the teacher e-mail started out as a good idea, but now it’s a bit much.)

C. Empty e-mails to zero (the photo above represents my old e-mail that now serves as my Spam Filter).

Articles about “Inbox Zero”:

Processing to Zero:

Schedule E-mail Dashes:

Five Sneaky E-mail Cheats:

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