Weight Loss Update

Approximately 2 months ago, I purchased a pencil skirt from one of my favorite sites. Once I got it, I couldn’t fit the skirt above my thighs!!!! It was so cute and I was incredibly sad & disappointed. Rather than return the skirt, I kept it around for motivation!

This morning, I put the skirt on and not only does it fit above my thighs, it ZIPS up and can be worn out of the house now🙂

Now that’s what I call progress. Celebrate with me by taking a bite of my lovely e-cupcake because we’d NEVER celebrate weightloss with unhealthy calories off line🙂 (tee-hee-hee!)


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7 responses to “Weight Loss Update

  1. Congratulations Donnie,

    You are a success in the making! I am also on my weightloss journey and that is a great idea, to purchase an outfit or just one item that should fit me but I know it won’t until I lose the weight! I think I’ll purchase a skirt as well, because I love skirts so much! Keep up the good work!

  2. Danley

    I love “e-cupcake” LOL. Congrats mamacita!

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