Dear Woman On The Side

If A Man Truly Loves/Respects/Honors You He Will:

  1. Speak to you at any time. If he limits his availability to you he is either married or involved. Be especially wary of any man who simply texts or e-mails you and never answers your phone calls.
  2. Introduce you to his family & friends. Especially his mother, grandmother and children. In some cases not only will you meet them for the point of introduction but you will also be invited to holidays and family events (birthday, celebration and retirement). If you have been together for a year or more and have not met his family that is reg flag.
  3. Live with you or give you full access to his personal space. When a man finds a good thing, he wants to hold on to it. If he wants to live with you or even if he gives you keys to his place – then he loves you and cherishes the time you have together.
  4. Care about your life, your hobbies and your interests. A man who really loves you cares about your day at work and your new piece of art. He is interested in you not only sexually or what you can do for him, but who you are as a person and who you are to the world.
  5. Not afraid to be public with you. He loves you so he isn’t afraid of PDA, introduces you to others as his girlfriend or his wife. He holds your hand publicly and is not afraid of what others may think about you or your relationship.

Do not, under any circumstances force or pressure a man to be with you. You will always regret it in the end. Once he makes a choice about who he loves and who he will have a long-term commitment to – his choice is made. Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve. Don’t allow him to make you his option, and you’re not his priority.

Most of all, ask yourself why he isn’t as invested in the relationship as you – and don’t be delusional and foolish about the answer that the universe or your God reveals to you.

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