The Big Secret!!!!

This is what they don’t tell you about teaching in college. Especially as a High School English Teacher. Thank God this is a light load of only 35 papers (I have 140 students total!). My Juniors completed their big research project (which included creating a Google Site) along with the traditional research paper. I’ll post some of my favorites later today.

While I love my job, and we are blessed to have time off (especially this week) the truth is that many teachers spend their “breaks” catching up on grading because it is impossible to be a good wife, mom, friend + work out, have hobbies etc. without sacrificing something. I try not to bring papers home but it is numerically & statistically impossible to keep on top of “the paper load,” unless I spend some of my break catching up. There are some teachers who don’t assign writing or limit writing, but I am committed to ensuring that my students become excellent written communicators and the only way to do that is to assess & give lots of feedback on their writing.

Originally my husband and I were going to go to Niagara Falls this week, but deciding to keep my priorities together, I’m sitting at the dining table with a huge cup of coffee, no TV, no radio, grading!!!! The good news is that when we return on Monday we have only 8 weeks of school left and then I’m OFF!!!

In addition to the grading I have a major home organization/purge project going on right now.

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