Married Couple’s Ministry

I had the pleasure of attending a charity event last night at a Recovery House. I was moved by the women who were gluing shattered fragments of their lives together. I was even more impressed by a married couple’s ministry from a local church.

This married couple’s ministry is composed of about 45 couples, and 3 were present to support the fundraiser. This ministry took the time to donate a new closet space for the women who often arrive in need of clothing & shoes. They built a beautiful closet from the ground up and organized the clothing for the house. Then, they set up the process for choosing the “Women of the Year” by interviewing and selecting the winner and they donated plaques. When they presented the awards, the wives sat in seats and their husbands sat behind them.

I do not currently have a church home, but I was impressed that this church was literally getting out and doing work in the community. They were literally putting their time and their money into an area of need in our community. I was also impressed that these couples were doing it together. When it comes to church I feel like so many get into MINISTER building and very few get into COMMUNITY building. I can go on & on about my feelings surrounding church but I just had to share how overwhelmed my heart was last night.

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