Could He Be Your Child’s Father?

One of the questions that you have to ask yourself when choosing a life-time partner is, “could he be my child’s father?”

If you can answer yes to that question then that means you are dating a man who has the character, intelligence and admirable qualities that you’d like passed on to your child. Please be 100% honest with yourself, especially if you’re single and child-less.

Most of my friends have children and those who are single are ruthless when it comes to dating. They don’t tolerate B.S. and they are careful about who they introduce to their child(ren) and when they introduce individuals to their child(ren). They spend a lot of time getting to know someone before making a long-term commitment and they keep a healthy perimeter around their hearts. If women used “Role Model for My [Future] Child” as a measuring stick, we’d be much better off!

P.S. Any man (or woman) that is willing to serve as a parental figure for a child that he (or she) did not create biologically certainly deserves a second look! That is one of the ultimate forms of sacrifice and true love is about sacrifice!

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