Where To Find A Good Man…

So you’ve been on date… after date… after date? Here are a few places to find an interesting man…

1. Online – According to some sources 2% of all marriages start online. While it is important to be careful and safe (e.g. make sure someone knows that you are dating someone online), you should certainly create a profile and try your luck.

2. In A Book Store – A guy who hangs out in the book store probably reads, and it could spark an interesting conversation. Attend the next Book Signing or hang out in the cafe…

3. At a charity event – This guy probably has a heart. Bonus points if he helped to organize the event, sits on the board or volunteers with the organization on a long-term basis. Look up your local charity events, buy a ticket and participate in the silent auction.

4. In a local nonprofit – Get to know the non-profit organizations in your neighborhood and get involved. Try to get involved with a nonprofit that you’re interested in (around the arts, youth development, entrepreneurship, etc.).

5. At a political event – The man who is politically active has some interest outside of his own selfish needs. Attend a local candidate’s fundraiser or go volunteer during election time. Canvass your elected official’s office for staffers.

6. Referral – Does your best friend have a great boyfriend or partner? Ask for some assistance! Let your close coworkers know that you’re “in the market.”

7. At a networking event – This is where you’ll meet the ambitious man whose trying to make things happen. A mover and shaker of sorts.

While not everybody wants (or needs) to be in a long term relationship, if you do, you should consider “looking” around in areas of your life that you have not traditionally considered for the dating pool.

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