Are Women Responsible for Male Promiscuity?

Clutch Magazine is one of my favorite places on the web. Leslie Pitterson has a piece called “Why Buy The Cow: Is Premarital Sex Why Men Won’t Grow Up?”

In the piece, she is discussing how premarital sex does not end in long-term commitment. Personally, I think she may be on to something. What are your thoughts? Are women partly responsible for the sexual promiscuity of men?

4 thoughts on “Are Women Responsible for Male Promiscuity?

  1. Yes, they give them too many easy options. If getting with a woman was harder and had expectations of marriage and women had common standards I don’t think men would be so quick to jump from bed to bed. They would probably work with the one they are with to get further along than starting from scratch with someone new to get to the same place no quicker

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